Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I seriously suck at blogging, and I'm sure you all know that....well that is if people even read my blog anymore. So I thought I'd blog just about random thoughts. No pictures, No videos...just words. ENJOY!

-I can't sleep right now

-I'm watching Superbad on dvd for the 20000000000000000000000th time.

-I suck at blogging (too lazy to bring a camera around, or I do and I don't even take pics)

- J DILLA is still awesome...waiting for the new shit!

-Going to vegas this weekend randomly

-soulstice 4 was in the words of everyone "INSANE!"

-I heart dj'ing cuz i like to pump my fist in the air and play mark morrison's "return of the mack"

-white tee's and jeans

-transformers 2 will be awesome!

-i got stabbed with a needle on my neck by a doctor

-so many events coming up this summer...can't wait!

- I don't have a twitter

-I want to go the beach every fuckin day if i could

-carne asada fries or adobada fries is my best friend

-drinking and smoking is NOT cool, but I do it anyways

-House party is my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME!

-The end.

1 comment:

jomo said...

probably one of your best blogs ever. and yes i still read it! some of the new leaked dilla tracks are sick btw.